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By 1985, although work had started at many sites, only approximately six sites had been completely remediated, and it soon became clear that revisions to legislation were needed to streamline cleanup efforts and additional taxes for Superfund were required to provide funding. In 1986 Superfund was replenished under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA). As a result of SARA, Superfund totaled $8.5 billion.

Under CERCLA and SARA, the EPA is given the authority and resources to clean up hazardous waste sites. EPA's priority is to identify responsible parties—those companies that have caused contamination—and require them to clean up, at their own expense, any corresponding hazardous waste sites. EPA thus reserves the use of Superfund monies for sites in which responsible parties are not identified or have claimed bankruptcy. As of 1999, responsible parties have contributed over $16 billion toward the cleanup of hazardous waste sites.

The EPA follows a detailed procedure to evaluate hazardous waste sites and ranks them according to the severity of risk to human health and the environment. The national priorities list (NPL) includes those sites that are deemed eligible for cleanup by Superfund. In 1987 it listed 1,187 sites and nearly 30,000 sites remained to be assessed. As of March 2002, 1,223 sites remained on the NPL and were eligible for cleanup under Superfund. In addition, 810 sites had achieved "construction completed" status which means that all the measures to clean up the sites, as outlined in the EPA Record of Decisions, have been taken.

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