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Environmental communications specialists are responsible for communicating knowledge about the environment to the public, the government, and private businesses. Environmental outreach specialists can be found teaching in schools, helping firms understand environmental goals, interpreting nature at state parks, writing for publications, and lobbying legislators.

Jobs include:

Environmental educators

Environmental journalists

Communications specialists

Interpretive naturalists

Environmental advocates

Technical writers




Sample Occupations

• Environmental educators teach the public about the environment. Environmental educators are hired to work in schools, nature centers, and in industry.

A microbiologist examines a core sample from a bio-remediation demonstration. (U.S. EPA. Reproduced by permission.)

• Environmental journalists report on environmental issues. They are hired to work for magazines, newspapers, journals, television, and radio. Some work for environmental advocacy groups or organizations.

• Fund-raisers (also called developers) raise money for specific environmental causes. Fund-raisers are employed by private and government organizations.

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