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To get the most out of recycling, keep these things in mind:

• Find out whether your city offers curb-side pickup or makes you take recyclables to a drop-off center.

• If you have to drop them off, make the trip to the recycling center part of your routine. Schedule a regular day and combine the drop-off with other errands.

• Wheeled containers or a dolly makes it easier to move recycling bins around.

• The kitchen is probably where the most recyclable items get used. So if you store your recycling bins in another room, keep another bin in the kitchen to collect recyclables you'll sort later.

• Buy stuff that's easy to recycle. For example, choose glass containers over plastic ones, and buy recycled goods.

^^ If every U.S. household replaced a roll of regular paper towels with a roll made from 100% recycled fibers, it would save 544,000 trees.

• Go online to find a recycling center near you. In the U.S., go to www.; in the U.K., go to, and then click Bank Locator.

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