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Resolving the Korean peninsular dispute requires at the very minimum the reinvigoration of the Sunshine Policy rapprochement and ending this administration's rather irrational antagonism of North Korea. A German-style reunification should become the ultimate target of US foreign policy, with UN involvement for the reassimilation of North Korea's disastrous economy. Furthermore, the $13 billion South Korean military budget alone is larger than North Korea's entire $9 billion governmental budget. Negotiations should entail blanket amnesty for Kim Jong Il as well as all North Korean officialdom, a concrete US military withdrawal timeline (as a concurrent de-escalation), and an economic revitalization development plan could easily include $8 billion of the current South Korean annual military expenditure bolstered with $2 billion of US assistance ($100 billion/10 years).

To gain amnesty, the North Korean government would be required to forfeit all 8,000 spent uranium fuel rods, transferable technology, and related nuclear material to the UN or International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Additionally, in exchange for massive economic, food supplies, and agricultural development, the North Korean government should agree to cease all exports of advanced missile technology. For this, the US and world community should fulfill the earlier pledge to build two light-water nuclear power plants for North Korea's energy needs. In effect, the proposed reassimilation of North and South Korea, along with general amnesty for the current North Korean regime, should remove the impetus for such weaponry.

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