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1 Holocene climate variability and global warming 1 Richard W. Battarbee

2 Holocene climate research - progress, paradigms, and problems 7 H. John B. Birks

3 The role of people in the Holocene 58 Frank Oldfield

4 Modeling the climate of the Holocene 98 Michel Crucifix

5 The early to mid-Holocene thermal optimum in the North Atlantic 123 Eystein Jansen, Carin Andersson, Matthias Moros, Kerim H. Nisancioglu, Birgitte F. Nyland, and Richard J. Telford

6 Holocene climate change and the evidence for solar and other forcings 138

Jurg Beer and Bas van Geel

7 Climate of the past millennium: combining proxy data and model simulations 163

Hugues Goosse, Michael E. Mann, and Hans Renssen

8 Latitudinal linkages in late Holocene moisture-balance variation 189 Dirk Verschuren and Dan J. Charman

9 Holocene rapid land-cover changes - evidence and theory 232 Martin Claussen

10 Holocene perspectives on future climate change 254

Raymond S. Bradley


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