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At current production rates, there are sufficient proven reserves to meet oil demand for at least some 40 years, and gas demand for more than 60 years. These reserves indeed have been steadily growing over time and are now higher than ever before in history. However, worldwide consumption is increasing due to growing population and per-capita consumption. The rate of new oil and gas discoveries is now nearing the point where consumption exceeds new discoveries (i.e., replacement) - the so-called Hubberts peak - meaning that we will start to use more fossil fuels (except coal) than the amount we can add to our reserves. Unconventional sources of oil and gas, such as the tar sands and heavy oil of Canada and Venezuela, oil shales of the Western United States, or the future development of gas hydrates, will play an increasingly important role in extending our resources. Given the higher abundance of coal, its future is not only a matter of resource availability or production costs but also one of environmental acceptability. New combustion and emission control technologies have therefore to be introduced or improved. One of the greatest challenges, not only for coal but also for other carbon-based fossil fuels is the reduction of CO2 and other emissions re sponsible for a significant part of mankind-caused greenhouse gases and resulting climate changes. How to manage and prepare ourselves for the time beyond readily available oil and gas, is a challenge that is discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book.

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Guide to Alternative Fuels

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