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Another way to use methanol in diesel engines and generators is through biodiesel fuels. These can be made from a large variety of vegetable oils and animal fats which are reacted with methanol in a transesterification process to produce compounds known as fatty acid methyl esters, which compose biodiesel. Biodiesel can be blended without major problems with regular diesel oil in any proportion. It is a renewable, domestically produced fuel which also reduces emissions of un-burned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, sulfur compounds as well as CO2 (one of the main greenhouse gases). The use of biodiesel has grown substantially during the past few years, mainly in Europe and the United States. However, as pointed out earlier in Chapter 6, the feedstocks for biodiesel are limited, and consequently biodiesel can cover only a relatively small portion of our energy needs. Alone, biodiesel will be unable to replace diesel fuel obtained from hydrocarbons in the quantities required for our transportation systems.

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