Birds Roost Before A Storm

The notion that birds roost (sit around and don't fly much) when a storm is approaching has a sound basis, assuming birds can sense weather changes. During times of adverse atmospheric conditions, the informed small-plane pilot stays on the ground. Before a storm comes in from the sea, small craft remain in port. Do birds really have a built-in sense of the weather to come? Many people, especially rural folks, will tell you they do. If they do, then they apparently heed it. The next time a big thunderstorm comes near, watch the birds.

Similar behavioral changes have been observed among other animals. During the Klondike gold rush, sled dogs were known for digging their sleeping holes in the snow on the sides of trees that later faced away from the wind during a blizzard. Some ranchers say they can tell whether the next day will be fair or foul, based on the behavior of their cattle. In the Florida Keys, some natives say they can tell when a hurricane looms, because the roaches get restless.

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    Why do birds roost before a storm?
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