Some field course exercises

The projects summarized below are examples of exercises which may be attempted by students during a course of about a week's duration. These exercises require planning beforehand to avoid wasted time and effort. Transects are usually worked by teams of 4-6 students, and other exercises are allocated to students working in pairs. The value of these projects depends largely upon the provision of adequate class and laboratory time for students to work up their results and present accounts of their work for general discussion and criticism.

An excellent series of class exercises with detailed instructions is given in Marine Field Course Guide 1, Rocky Shores (Hawkins and Jones, 1992). These cover aspects of the shore and its biota, zonation patterns, sampling problems and population biology of individual species. Many other useful ideas are explored in a light-hearted manner in the Field Studies Council Guide for Rocky Shore Investigations (Archer-Thomson, 1991). Some of the exercises described below are covered in detail in these publications.

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