Habitat categories

Epiplankton - Plankton of the epipelagic zone, i.e. within the uppermost 200 m.

Pleuston - Passively floating organisms living at the air-sea interface, partially exposed to air and moved mainly by the wind (Cheng, 1975). Neuston - Small swimming organisms inhabiting the surface water film, epineuston on the aerial side, hyponeuston on the aquatic side. Bathyplankton - Plankton of deep levels. Hypoplankton - Plankton living near the bottom. Protoplankton - Pelagic bacteria and unicellular plants and animals. Seston - Finely particulate suspended matter.

Tychopelagic - Organisms of normally benthic habit which occasionally become stirred up from the bottom and carried into the water.

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