Crustaceans and seaweeds

Prawns and shrimps are the most widely cultivated crustaceans and are reared mainly in the warmer parts of the world using pond culture techniques. Prawn culture in Asia currently accounts for three-quarters of world production. The giant tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) which weighs up to 500 g is reared in intensive systems both for the markets and as a valuable export commodity. Most large supermarket chains in the UK have this species on sale. Lobsters and crabs are also reared in captivity but on a much smaller scale. There are problems with aggression amongst adults and with successful rearing from eggs.

Seaweeds are widely cultivated in countries such as Japan and the Philippines. Red algae of the genus Eucheuma are grown from cuttings in the Philippines, attached to nylon ropes covering the seabed. Porphyra is grown on floating rafts in Japan and Korea and sold dried in the markets as nori.

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