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Energy security can be defined as the adequacy, reliability and affordability of energy supply to support the functioning of the economy and social development. In other worlds, energy security is the provision of sufficient energy to support economic and social activity with minimal disruption and at reasonable prices. Vietnam, a country that has emerged as one of the most active economies in the world in recent economic history, is also facing a visible set of challenges relating to energy security and climate change. An oil and gas production slowdown, electricity shortages, coal exploitation difficulties, and rapid energy demand will lead

Department of Energy Studies, Division of Energy System Research, Ajou University,

San 5, Woncheon Dong, Yeong Tong Gu, Suwon, Korea e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Vietnam to become a net importer of energy after the year 2010 [3]. In this context, energy security has risen to be one of the top priorities of Vietnam's national energy policy. Moreover, although Vietnam's energy consumption is still small with 25.9 million tons of oil equivalent (MTOE) in 2007, the country will be significantly affected by climate change. The objectives of this paper are to discuss the role of nuclear power in energy security and climate change in Vietnam, identify barriers to nuclear power development and finally, by referring to Korean experiences, suggest a more cautious nuclear power development plan for Vietnam.

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