Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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Not just what might kill many people but what might kill all of us quickly

Those influenced by Carter's argument could be interested in how long the human race might conceivably survive if it got past the next few centuries safely. They could want to consult such articles as Dyson's 'Time without end physics and biology in an open universe', Frautschi's 'Entropy in an expanding universe', or Linde's 'Life after inflation',2 or perhaps books like Islam's The Ultimate Fate of the Universe, Barrow and Tipler's The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, Tipler's The Physics of Immortality or Davies's The Last Three Minutes3 These discuss whether such things as slow decay of protons and the approach of 'heat death' (maximum entropy) would very obviously limit the future of all beings who might be counted as humans.

The end of stellar evolution

Even small stars cannot live forever, and this bright stellar era comes to a close when the galaxies run out of hydrogen gas, star formation ceases, and the longest-lived red dwarfs slowly fade into oblivion. As mentioned earlier, the smallest stars will shine for trillions of years, so the era of stars would come to an end at a cosmic age of several trillion years if new stars were not being manufactured. In large spiral galaxies like the Milky Way, new stars are being made from hydrogen gas, which represents the basic raw material for the process. Galaxies will continue to make new stars as long as the gas supply holds out. If our Galaxy were to continue forming stars at its current rate, it would run out of gas in 'only' 10-20 billion years (Kennicutt et al., 1994), much shorter than the lifetime of the smallest stars. Through conservation practices -the star formation rate decreases as the gas supply grows smaller - galaxies can sustain normal star formation for almost the...

The era of degenerate remnants

Although the proton lifetime remains uncertain, elementary physical considerations suggest that protons will not live forever. Current experiments show that the proton lifetime is longer than about 1O33 years (Super-Kamiokande Collaboration, 1999), and theoretical arguments (Adams et al., 1998 Ellis et al., 1983 Hawking et al., 1979 Page, 1980 Zeldovich, 1976) suggest that the proton lifetime should be less than about 1045 years. Although this allowed range of time scales is rather large, the mass-energy stored within white dwarfs and other degenerate remnants will eventually evaporate when their constituent protons and neutrons decay. As protons decay inside a white dwarf, the star generates power at a rate that depends on the proton lifetime. For a value near the centre of the (large) range of allowed time scales (specifically 1037 years), proton decay within a white dwarf generates approximately 400 Watts of power - enough to run a few light bulbs. An entire galaxy of these stars...

There Is No Alternative

Key to the rise of corporate power was legal changes that granted corporations the same rights as people, a sad history that I will describe in Chapter 4. Ten years after the state finally bestowed personhood on the corporation, Bram Stoker, the Irish novelist, introduced the world to another immortal individual Dracula. Loosely based on folk legend, the modern Dracula roamed the globe ensuring his immortality by feeding on the blood of the living. He is the very anti-matter to humanity solitary when others are social, awake when others sleep, thriving when others sicken and die much like a corporation. Yet the original intent of the corporation was to provide a human benefit, not to perpetuate itself at the expense of humanity. Its real nature today can only be seen by the light of the needs of real human beings. This book attempts to cast that light so that we can all see and so that we can all act.

Science And Psyche A Failed Experiment

Nevertheless, the economic construction which was built on the back of this attempt has endured for over two centuries. It has survived intact the revolutions which transformed physics, persisted through the explosive developments of modern psychology and sociology, and ignored the continuing censure of religious and spiritual leaders. The orthodox economist might argue3 that here, if we needed it, was proof of the timelessness of the principle of economic self-interest. But this defence is a spurious one. Greed, avarice and vanity may be timeless enough. But the wholescale institutionalisation of the profit motive is not an immortal phenomenon. Its history can be traced. It belongs within the time-span of industrialisation in the modern world. It is part and parcel of a very specific development paradigm which has emerged only within the last two to three hundred years of a very long human history. It is virtually absent from the historical records of earlier societies, and is...

Problems with mass communications

People have a natural filter by which they view all messages - this filter is scepticism. For example, in car retailing, all the advertisement can do is get the consumer into the showroom - it is the rare individual who orders direct from the advertisement. (Of course, there are exceptions with low-cost purchases (such as clothing) where the benefit is obvious and the risk is low, but these also give strong no-risk, money-back guarantees.) However, all mass communications messages are greeted with scepticism and when they involve a contentious issue, that scepticism can turn to cynicism or even anger as we have just seen. It can be neatly summed up by the immortal words of Mandy Rice-Davies, who was being questioned during the 1960s' court case on the Profumo scandal. She challenged the argument of a certain lord who claimed never to have met her by saying, 'Well, he would say that wouldn't he ' This neatly sums up the problem of company announcements, be they advertisements, press...

Disaster Caused By Nanotechnology

Such tales must be counted as speculative futurology, yet Engines of Creation tells them rather plausibly and Drexler's Nanosystems goes on to supply many technical details.67 Operating at a billion cycles per second and therefore able to co-operate in constructing a complex, kilogram-weight object in an hour or less, nanomechanical devices carrying their own computers could be introduced into vats of chemicals, where they would make machines of almost any kind. Acting as miniature surgeons, they could clear fats from our arteries or perform intricate repairs which greatly prolonged our lifetimes, as was suggested in R.C.W.Ettinger's The Prospect of Immortality.68 But, Drexler points out, when devices of this sort are able to make 'almost anything (including more of themselves) from common materials', then they will 'give nuclear war some company as a potential cause of extinction'. Artificial plants using solar cells 'could out-compete real plants, crowding the biosphere with...

Purushottama Bilimoria

The Chuang Tzu, as noted, is a classic of philosophical Taoism. The qualifier is important, since the Taoism it represents should be sharply distinguished from the 'religious' or 'magical' Taoism which developed after the second century CE. The distance between the two may be gauged from reflecting that whereas Chuang taught calm acceptance of, even indifference to, death, the main obsession of 'magical' Taoists was discovery of the elixir of eternal life. Before characterizing philosophical Taoism, three points should be borne in mind. First, the division of classical Chinese philosophers into 'schools' Taoist, Confucian, Legalist, etc. was the work of a later taxonomist and encourages exaggeration of the differences between, and similarities within, these 'schools'. Thus Confucius, though often a critical target of Chuang's, sometimes appears in the Book as an admired sage. Second, Taoism is not to be distinguished by its concern for the Tao (Way, Path), since it was the common and...

Attacking The Myth Of Individualism

The book concludes by looking at our ability as individual citizens to check the growing power of corporations. What can the individual do against a corporate media and a rigged electoral system in which money substitutes for votes As separate individuals, we can't do much. In creating the corporation, the state recognized that vast projects require vast forces and a scale of investment that far exceeds the capacity of the individual entrepreneur. In fighting the corporation, we must realize equally that no one individual can do much. We must instead work together in powerful blocks to create a sufficient force to defeat the immortal person of the corporation.

Energy markets are not free

Environmental regulations, moreover, tilt the playing field against new power generators, even when they are significantly more efficient than existing plants. Today's weighted average age of US electricity generating plants is about 40 years, even though most plants have only 25-year design lives. The 1976 Clean Air Act 'grandfathered' emission rights to all existing electricity generators on the assumption they would be retired at the end of their planned lives. By contrast, a new plant must lower its emissions to the best control possible at the time it is built, requiring entrepreneurs to spend up to triple the cost of old plants, and then to compete against plants with grandfathered permits and no cleanup requirements. This regulatory approach effectively grants immortality to the old plants, perversely encouraging their owners to extend the lives of old, dirty and inefficient facilities.

Flood Myths

The extraordinary prevalence of the Noah Flood Myth suggests that something more than rising sea levels inspired such widespread records. The best known of these stories concerns Gilgamesh, who was king of Uruk, on the River Euphrates (see Section 6.3), and lived about 4.7 kya. Many stories and myths were written about Gilgamesh, some of which were recorded as early as 4 kya. These were integrated into a longer poem, versions of which survived in various languages written in the cuneiform script, and which has become known as The Epic of Gilgamesh. At one stage in the epic Gilgamesh, in seeking eternal life, undertakes a perilous journey to Utnapishtim and his wife, the only mortals on whom the gods had conferred eternal life. He was the great king of the world before the Flood and he and his wife were alone preserved by the gods during the Flood.

Michel De Montaigne

Montaigne's apparently undisciplined gathering of the more amazing feats of animals recounted in books, interspersed with the occasional personal observation, has analogies with the encyclopedism and collecting mania of his contemporaries (and exactly the same appeal as exotic 'wildlife series' on television). There are, however, features of Montaigne's discourse that betray a rather different preoccupation. In emphasizing the role of animals in human culture and in subjecting their remains to the wondering gaze of the possessor of a curiosity cabinet, encyclopedias and collections tended to promote an anthropomorphic view of the animal world just as effectively as the moral and Christological lenses through which their medieval predecessors had read the Book of Nature. Montaigne's purpose is not to show how man can know nature and therefore feel easy with it, but to discomfort man, to show that his claim to be superior to animals is undermined by counter-examples at every turn. He...

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