Who Should Attend the Charrette

All members of the design team should attend the charrette, as well as the property manager, and, if possible, representatives from the local utilities and permitting and funding agencies. Involving community representatives and potential residents is also useful to gain insight into the character of the neighborhood and the needs of residents. Each participant should bring unique expertise and an open mind to the discussion. Through dialogue, the trade-offs and synergies between the concepts and concerns that emerge during the charrette can be fully explored, and strategies can be identified for how to best meet the project's green goals.

One person should be designated to facilitate the charette. The facilitator should be knowledgeable about green building strategies and rating systems and be familiar with the architectural design process. If possible, the facilitator should have working knowledge of affordable housing development and construction practices. The facilitator's role is to guide the participants through an exploration of the project, making sure that critical green issues are addressed in the time allotted for the charrette. It is beneficial for the facilitator to speak with the developer and the architect prior to the charette to identify any critical technical, financial, or design issues that need to be emphasized. During the charette, the facilitator is responsible for guiding the conversation, listening to the participants, engaging all the participants in the discussion, and accurately documenting decisions made, unresolved issues, and areas that need further research or analysis before a decision can be made.

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