Solar RFP Example

RE: Request for Proposal: Photovoltaic System

• System Design

• Permitting

• Equipment Procurement

• Installation

• Rebate Processing

The Housing Development Corporation of_(the "Developer"), on behalf of

_LLC (the Corporation), is seeking to select a photovoltaic general contractor for its

_project located at_Street in the City of_.

I am therefore requesting interested contractors to submit a Statement of Qualifications and Proposal to our office by_.


The project is a_-unit multi-family affordable apartment building that will be managed by_.

The developer plans to install an approximately_ kW (DC) photovoltaic system to serve the building's (common electricity meter and/or residential units). The size of the proposed system is based on the estimated annual electricity use of the common systems (interior and exterior safety lighting, elevator, management office cooling and appliances), residential units, the available roof area and project budget. The project expects to have_net meters connected to the electricity grid and will be applying for rebates and incentives from_.

The project is_construction type. The roofing system is _. A roof plan, a plan showing mechanical/electrical rooms, and an electrical one-line diagram are attached.

The project will be permitted by the City/County of_. Electricity service will be provided by_. No permits have been applied for or obtained for the photovoltaic system.

Construction on the project will begin in

, and is expected to be completed by


The chosen contractor will be expected to provide the following services:

1. Design of the photovoltaic system including roof attachment details, roof racks, electrical one line diagram, panel configuration.

2. Specification of manufacturer of the photovoltaic panels, inverters, attachment hardware, electrical wiring, conduit, etc.

3.Installation of all specified equipment. Labor on the project is/is not required to pay prevailing wages.

4. Permitting of all the components identified above (including clearance from the Fire Department.)

5. Administration of rebates and incentives.

6. Assistance with interconnection/net metering agreements with the utility.

7. Final system commissioning, including maintenance and monitoring training for property management staff.


While the PV portion of the project may be permitted separately from the rest of the project, the selected PV

contractor will be expected to work as a subcontractor to_, the project's General Contractor. There is the possibility that the "PV-Ready" portion of the scope of work (roof stanchions, conduit runs, wiring, etc.) will be under one sub-contract to the General Contractor, while installation of the panels will take place under a separate contract directly with the owner after the building. Details of this arrangement will be finalized once a PV contractor has been selected.

The project owner will reserve the right to alter the size of the PV system and/or metering arrangements depending on price fluctuations of PV equipment, changes to rebate levels, available financing, and utility requirements.


Respondents to this RFP should provide the following:

1. Cost proposal inclusive of all taxes, permitting costs. The cost proposal should be in gross terms, i.e., exclusive of expected rebates.

2. Warranty terms for both equipment and installation.

3.A company resume detailing projects completed, projects under construction, and projects in pipeline. Please include details about the number of units, construction dollar volume, and project sponsorship. Please highlight the Contractor's experience with the type of project described above, paying particular attention to previous experience with multifamily building types and affordable housing financing structures.

4. Client references for past projects as well as for projects under construction.

5. Proof of possession of appropriate license to design, permit, and install Solar photovoltaics.

6. Description of experience, if any, in managing of prevailing wage documentation and reporting requirements.

7. A statement of bonding capacity, if any.

8. A statement of general liability insurance capacity and limits.

The respondant should, as part of its response, identify any concerns and qualifications in the above requested information or proposed scope of work.

I look forward to receiving your response.

Sincerely, Project Manager

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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