Project Financing

The project's total development cost was $582,546, including $76,651 to acquire the property and $502,000 for construction. As with most Habitat projects, up-front



Corporate House Sponsors $455,000

Grants $39,157

Donations $46,682 Other Income (bequests, in-kind, homeowner payments, etc.) $39,412

Special Events $1,786

Product Sales $510

TOTAL $582,546

hard costs for building the houses are covered, in part, by sponsorship funding, grants, and donations. Volunteer labor saved thousands of dollars, reducing the purchase price for homebuyers. For this pilot project, Atlanta Habitat partnered with a number of corporations, including Black & Decker, GE, Turner Broadcasting System, the Home Depot, and local celebrity/consumer advocate Clark Howard. The bulk of the cost was covered by the sponsors, each of whom sponsored one or two homes. The future owners also provided sweat equity.

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