Project Financing

The Nageezi House, paid for by ASU's Stardust Center, cost approximately $140,000 to design and build. The Stardust Center is a self-supporting entity at ASU that charges fees for its work and solicits donations to cover operational costs. The exact cost of this demonstration project is difficult to determine for several reasons. On the one hand, donated materials saved money. On the other hand, costs went up to cover airfare to fly the design team from ASU to the remote site. Working in a remote site also increased costs as outside materials and equipment had to be transported from larger communities an hour or more away from the construction site.

The home was built primarily with paid labor so as to contribute to the local economy. The team is proud of the fact that they hired and trained several dozen local unskilled Navajo workers for the project, paying $10 an hour. Once the workers were trained, the Navajo Housing Authority helped build the team's next house—the Guadalupe House—and also donated the FlexCrete for that project, making it the first home off the reservation to use Navajo FlexCrete.




ASU Stardust Center $110,000 Navajo Housing Authority/Navajo FlexCrete

(in-kind donation: materials/labor) $25,000 Stardust Building Supplies (in-kind donation:

doors/windows) $5,000

Total Development Cost $140,000

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