1. A charrette is an intensive workshop that involves all team members, lasts from three to fours hours to a day or more, and aims to create a clear vision for how the project will be developed, including how the green building elements will be incorporated; "Placemaking is a term that began to be used beginning in the 1970s by architects and planners to describe the process of creating more livable towns and cities through the inclusion of such items as squares, plazas, parks, streets, and waterfronts that will attract people because they are pleasurable or interesting. Placemaking is often characterized by a focus on human activities and community involvement, and landscape often plays an impor-

tant role in the design process." (Adapted from Wikipedia.)

2. Defensible space is the idea that crime and delinquency can be controlled and mitigated through design. For more information, see Oscar Newman, "Defensible Space: A New Planning Tool for Urban Revitalization," Journal of the American Planning Association 61, no 2 (Spring 1995).

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