Model Developments of Green Affordable Housing

The following section provides twelve case studies detailing green affordable housing projects that have made comprehensive and integrated attempts to thoroughly incorporate green building. These case studies were selected from a list of recent green affordable housing projects that we were personally aware of, plus others we discovered by combing through various resources, such as submissions to the American Institute of Architects' Show You're Green Award and the Home Depot Foundation's Awards of Excellence in green affordable housing. The "Master List of Green Affordable Housing Projects" includes summary information on these projects.

In selecting the twelve projects for the case studies included in this book, our intent was to provide a snapshot of green affordable housing that was geographically diverse and that represented the variety of types of affordable housing. The project list contains summary information about projects and basic information for obtaining more information about each given project. The case studies attempt to the tell the story of the project while also providing detailed descriptions and comprehensive information on the project's design, finance, and its notable green features, as well as the lessons learned and challenges faced in the development process.

The processes for inclusion of a project in the master list and for the selection of the case studies were by no means scientific, and the exclusion of any particular project is not intended as an indicator of a project's sustainable attributes.


project name location developer/owner

Featured Case Studies

Arroyo Chico

Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Community Housing Trust

Brick Hill Cottages

S. Portland, ME

Avesta Housing

Faison Mews

Camden, NJ

Pennrose Properties

Greenway Park Cohousing

Chicago, IL

Woodlawn Development Association

High Point

Seattle, WA

Seattle Housing Authority

Linden Street Apartments

Somerville, MA

Somerville Community Corporation

Maverick Landing

Boston, MA

Trinity East Boston Development

Nageezi House

Nageezi, NM

Arizona State University Stardust Design Center

Orchard Gardens

Missoula, MT


Plaza Apartments

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

Portland Place

Minneapolis, MN

Project for Pride in Living

The Street Where Dreams Come True

South Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

More Projects from Across the Country

Annie Mitchell Homestead

Aspen, CO

City of Aspen/ASW Realty

1400 on 5th

New York, NY

Full Spectrum New York

20th Street Apartments

Santa Monica, CA

Community Corporation of Santa Monica

228 E. Third Street

New York, NY

Lower East Side People's Mutual Housing Association

Affordable Green Homes

Franklin County, MA

Rural Development, Inc.

Azotea Senior Apartments

Alamogordo, NM

Tierra Realty Trust


contact information

Workforce housing project that includes 17 single-family

Santa Fe Community Housing Trust:

homes that are resource efficient

5 buildings renovated into 43 units, workforce housing,

Avesta Housing:

historic preservation

51 units of senior housing that involved the preservation

Pennrose Properties:

of a historic building

10 units of cohousing that involved a systemic approach

Woodlawn Development Associates:

to providing well insulated homes

Pat Wilcoxen, Phone (773) 643-7495

800 low-income units in a HOPE VI mixed-income community

Seattle Housing Authority:

42 units of rental housing on a remediated brownfield

Somerville Community Corporation:

intended for very low-income families

411 units in a mixed-income development

Boston Housing Authority:

Culturally appropriate single-family home in the Navajo

Arizona State University Stardust Design

Nation that includes passive solar design and salvaged wood


35-unit project on the rural fringe that made extensive


use of local materials

An SRO project in a redevelopment area that provides

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency:

stability and a healthy building for the formerly homeless

47 units in a 2-block revitalization

Project for Pride in Living:

10 bungalows on infill sites where the project created green spaces

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity:

39 one-bedroom units of workforce housing

City of Aspen Housing Office:

High-rise urban development including 85 units

Full Spectrum NY:

Energy-efficient rehabilitation of 2 buildings

Community Corporation of Santa Monica:

New York City project that includes a unique ventilation

Lower East Side People's Mutual Housing

system to help provide a healthy indoor environment


Rural homeownership project; recipient of the Home Depot

Rural Development Incorporated:

Foundation 2005 Award of Excellence for Housing Built Responsibly

60 units of housing for low-income seniors

Azotea Senior Apartments:

Phone (505) 437-5465

Betty Ann Gardens San Jose, CA First Community Housing

Bridgeton Revitalization

Bridgeton, NJ

New Jersey Green Homes Office

Brookview Senior Housing

Poway, CA

San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation

Cabrini First Hill Apartments

Seattle, WA

Cabrini Mission Foundation

Chestnut Linden Court

Oakland, CA

BRIDGE Housing Corporation

Clara Vista Townhomes

Portland, OR

Hacienda Community Development Corporation

Cobb Hill Cohousing

Hartland, VT

Jeff Schoellkopf Design

Colorado Court

Santa Monica, CA

Community Corporation of Santa Monica

Columbia Terrace (CAST)

Cambridge, MA

Homeowner's Rehab Inc.

Connor's Cottage

Portsmouth, OH

Portsmouth Metropolitan Housing Authority

Denny Park

Seattle, WA

Low Income Housing Institute

Diversity Houses

New York, NY

Lower East Side People's Mutual Housing Association

East Kelly Avenue Housing

Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust

El Paseo Studios

Santa Clara, CA

First Community Housing

Emeryville Resourceful Building

Emeryville, CA

Emeryville Resourceful Building Project

Erie Ellington

Boston, MA

Hickory Consortium

Folsom/Dore Apartments

San Francisco, CA

Citizens Housing Corporation

Gold Dust Apartments

Missoula, MT


Highland Gardens

Denver, CO

Perry Rose LLC

summary contact information summary contact information

76 units of family housing close to nature and community services

First Community Housing:

HOPE VI project that restored the community's connection

New Jersey Green Homes Office:

to a nearby river

102 unit complex for low-income seniors in the generally

San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation:

affluent north San Diego County area

50 units of senior housing, including 10 set aside for formerly

Cabrini Mission Foundation:

homeless seniors, near downtown Seattle

Project that includes apartments, townhomes, single-family

BRIDGE Housing Corporation:

homes, and ground-floor retail spaces

44 2- and 3- bedroom units targeting large families; first

Hacienda CDC:

LEED for Homes certified project on the West Coast

Cluster of cohousing for 20-25 families in Vermont that

Sustainability Institute:

preserves farmland while increasing density

Urban infill project that includes 44 SRO units; certified LEED Gold

Community Corporation of Santa Monica:

Rehabilitation of 42 units in 3 buildings whose affordability

Homeowner's Rehab Inc:

was at risk

20 units of senior housing part of the adaptive reuse of an

Portsmouth Metropolitan Housing

historic building


50 units of housing in a mixed-use development

Low Income Housing Institute:

44 units of housing for families earning 30-50% less than AMI

Lower East Side People's Mutual Housing


28 units built using modular construction for families in

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust:

Jackson Hole

98-unit SRO complex targeting individuals earning 30-55% of AMI

First Community Housing:

3 units on an infill site composed of a single-family house

Architects, Designers, Planners for Social

and duplex


Includes 50 units of affordable housing and a community building

Hickory Consortium:

98 SRO units for low- and very low-income individuals, some

Citizens Housing Corporation:

with special needs; certified LEED Gold

18 units for low-income individuals and families in


a historic neighborhood

New, compact mixed-use development with 291 units in a

Jonathan Rose Companies:

range of housing types. Forty percent of the senior housing and

20 percent of the apartments are affordably priced.

HIP Artists' Housing

Mt Rainier, MD

Housing Initiative Partnership, Inc.

Indian Wells Villas Senior Housing

Indian Wells, CA

City of Indian Wells Redevelopment Agency

Jacob's Place

Bronx, NY

Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation

James Wood Apartments

Los Angeles, CA

1010 Development Corporation

Johnson Creek Commons

Portland, OR

Sustainable Communities NorthWest

Magnolia Circle Apartments

Decatur, GA

Initiatives for Affordable Housing

Melrose Commons II

Bronx, NY

Melrose Commons II LLC

Murphy Ranch

Morgan Hill, CA

First Community Housing

New Homes for South Chicago

South Chicago, IL

Claretian Associates

New San Marco

Duluth, MN

Center City Housing

New Shiloh Village Senior Living

Baltimore, MD

Unity Properties Inc. and Enterprise Homes Inc.

NextGen Homes

Carbondale, CO

Fenton Development LLC

Northgate Grandview Apartments

Oakland, CA

Resources for Community Development

Nueva Vista Family Housing

Santa Cruz, CA

Mercy Housing

Oleson Woods

Portland, OR

Community Partners for Affordable Housing

Orange Place Cooperative

Escondido, CA

Community HousingWorks

Pantages Apartments

Seattle, WA

Stickney Murphy Romine Architecture

Positive Match

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency


contact information

Blighted building converted into 12 units of artist housing

Housing Initiative Partnership:

90 units for low- and very low-income seniors

Indian Wells Redevelopment Agency:

9 units of housing on a former parking lot

Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation:

2 buildings with 61 units and a daycare for 24 children

1010 Development Corp:

near downtown Los Angeles

15-unit apartment complex rehabilitated for low and very low-

Sustainable NorthWest:

income families

84 units of housing for low-income seniors; certified by

Initiative for Affordable Housing:

Southface Energy Institute's EarthCraft House program

30 triplexes as part of homeownership project in high-cost

GreenHome NYC:

urban area

100 affordable family townhomes close to transit and services

First Community Housing:

Energy-efficient homes for low- and moderate-income families

Claretian Associates:

70 units and supportive services serving Duluth's formerly

Center City Housing Corporation:

homeless residents on a redeveloped urban infill site

80 units for seniors with incomes 30-60% below AMI

New Shiloh Baptist Church:

Two 3-bedroom low-energy demonstration homes

NextGen Homes:

42 units of low-income units for large families

Resources for Community Development:

48-unit urban infill project that includes community space

Mercy Housing:

and services open to the public

32 units, including townhomes and flat-style units, close to a

Community Partners for Affordable Housing:

preserved wetlands area providing residents a natural

environment to enjoy

32 units of multigenerational, cooperative townhomes

Community HousingWorks:

Adaptive reuse of old building into 49 units, which includes

Delrdige Neighborhood Development

11 units of transitional housing


7 apartments featuring support services for HIV-positive

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency:

individuals and their families in the adaptive reuse of an

historic building

project name



Renaissance at Rosemary Park

Bonita Springs, FL

Bonita Springs Housing Development Corporation

Ripley Gardens

Minneapolis, MN

Central Community Housing Trust

Riverwalk Point

Spokane, WA

Spokane Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP) & Sustainable Housing Innovation Project (SHIP)

Phillips Creek Project

Milwaukee, OR

Clackamas Community Land Trust

Powelton Heights

Philadelphia, PA

1260 Housing Development Corporation

Taino Plaza

South Bronx, NY

South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation

The Helena

New York, NY

Durst Org & Rose Associates

Timothy Commons

Santa Rosa, CA

Burbank Housing Corporation

Tompkins Park North Homes

New York, NY

Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation

Traugott Terrace

Seattle, WA

Archdiocesan Housing Authority of Western Washington

Twin Oaks

Madison, WI

Wisconsin Environmental Initiative & Habitat for Humanity Dane County

University Estates

Atlanta, GA

University Community Development Corporation (UCDC)

Vistas at Kensington Park

Dallas, TX

Carl Franklin Homes

Washington Park

Chicago, IL

East Lake Management

Waterfront Housing

Burlington, VT

Housing Vermont

Wentworth Commons

Chicago, IL

Harley Ellis Devereaux

Wisdom Way Solar Village

Greenfield, MA

Rural Development Inc.

*Some projects may still be under construction.


contact information

39 single-family homes for sale to families earning low and

Bonita Springs Housing Development

moderate incomes

Corporation: Phone (239) 495-7100

Adaptive reuse of 3 historic buildings plus new construction

Central Community Housing Trust:

of 3 new buildings to provide 60 units (52 rental and 8


110 units of affordable housing for low-income individuals

Spokane Neighborhood Action Program &

and families

Sustainable Housing Innovation Projects:

14 for-sale units as part of a community land trust

Clackamas Community Land Trust:

New construction of 48 one-bedroom units, including units for

1260 Housing Development Corporation:

disabled formerly homeless persons

105 low-income family units in a mixed-use building

Curtis+Ginsberg Architects:

on a redeveloped industrial site

37 floors with 116 affordable units in a high-rise development

Durst Organization:

on a redeveloped industrial site

32 units on an infill brownfield site

Burbank Housing Corporation:

3 units that are part of a larger 9-unit cluster of affordable homes

North East Brooklyn Housing Development


50 units of SRO housing; LEED-certified project

Archdiocesan Housing Authority of Western


50 self-help Habitat for Humanity homes as part of a 142-

Habitat for Humanity Dane County:

unit subdivision

15 single-family homes in a mixed-income development geared

University Community Development

toward households earning 80% or less of AMI


Scattered urban infill affordable homes built using SIPs

Carl Franklin Homes:


Redevelopment of the Washington Park YMCA into 63 SRO units

East Lake Management:

Mixed-income project on a remediated brownfield site

Housing Vermont:

containing 40 units; certified LEED project

51 units for formerly homeless individuals and families,

Harley Ellis Devereaux:

including those with special needs

20 net zero homes for low- and moderate-income residents

Rural Development Inc:

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