Implementing The Program

Manuals and other documentation must be supplemented by other ongoing strategies, policies, and activities, such as the following:

• Education for staff and residents, to ensure that the recommended best practices are understood and carried out. On-site trainings, tours, demonstrations, and instructional videos are all good ways to educate the building occupants and maintenance staff about the expectations put forward in the plan. When there is staff or resident turnover, provide new training sessions.

• Lease provisions, for green products or systems that require special maintenance. These requirements should be clearly stated in the lease agreement and discussed before tenants move in.

• Green procurement/purchasing policies and service contracts, for maintenance companies and vendors/suppliers. Green selection criteria should be established for cleaning supplies and equipment, paper goods, and fluorescent lamps.

• Signage, to provide reminders or clarification about specific green practices, maintenance products to avoid, or special settings for equipment. The signage should be made from green materials—for example, non-PVC recycled-content materials with low-toxic adhesives.

• Periodic monitoring of all building systems, to adjust settings and controls, and to ensure that systems are balanced and operating at optimal efficiency.

• Incentive programs, to encourage conservation and the proper implementation of best practices by residents.

• Feedback, solicited from staff and residents on the conditions of the buildings and any O&M issues or questions they might have.

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