Green Om Manual

Every development should have a green operations and maintenance manual prepared specifically for the project and used by the property management and maintenance staff. If the property management company has its own O&M manual, it is advisable to integrate the green concepts into that manual, rather than create a separate document that could be forgotten or ignored.

The O&M manual should cover the applicable topics presented in this chapter and provide a list of the green materials (exterior and interior), finishes and furnishings, systems, and equipment used in the project. If the project features green components that are not yet commonly used in most buildings (e.g., bamboo flooring, photovoltaics, etc.), or that property management maintenance staff are not familiar with, these components should be described in greater detail on specific product summary sheets within the manual. The sheets should list the products' green attributes, manufacturer and supplier information, care and maintenance guidelines, disposal or recycling suggestions, and installation or replacement guidance.

The manual should also include reference documents that provide more in-depth information on technical topics or local services. These reference documents should include green cleaning standards, a list of third-party-certified cleaning products, a project-specific mechanical filter replacement schedule, a project-specific lighting maintenance and lamp schedule, an integrated pest management guide, local recycling pick-up and hazardous waste drop-off options, and public transit information and maps. The manual should be accompanied by the manufacturer's product information—compiled and provided by the general contractor—including owner's and operating manuals, product specifications, and warranty information, schedules for routine pre- and postwarranty maintenance, and as-built drawings.

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