Green Building Organizations

As the green building movement has grown so has the number of nonprofit organizations nationally that conduct trainings, develop green building resources, and provide technical assistance. By collaborating with these groups, affordable housing developers can stay abreast of the latest green building strategies, technology, and green building incentives and rebates. Many of these nonprofit groups are able to provide green building technical assistance at low or no cost, through funding from government agencies or foundation grants. At the national level the U.S. Green Building Council established an Affordable Housing Working Group to provide direction in the development of the LEED for Homes rating system. This group provided recommendations during the pilot phase for how to modify or augment the draft LEED for Homes criteria so that the program would be accessible to developers of affordable housing from both a technical and an administrative standpoint. In addition, the USGBC made a concerted effort to include affordable housing projects in the LEED for Home pilot, resulting in more than two dozen projects expected to receive LEED certification.

Other green building organizations that have a focus specifically on the affordable housing sector include:

• Southface Energy Institute, Atlanta, GA

• Global Green USA, Santa Monica, CA, and New Orleans, LA

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