Enterprise Community Partners

In 2004, Enterprise Community Partners, along with a group of partners including Global Green, launched the Green Communities Initiative. A five-year $555-million effort to create over 8,500 units of green affordable housing, this initiative has generated

QAPs with Green Criteria Nationally

FIGURE 6.2. Percentage of states in 2006 that address green building in their qualified application plans (QAPs).

interest among developers nationwide. As part of the Green Communities Initiative, trainings have been held nationally to provide developers, policymakers, architects, and financial institution representatives with detailed information on how to incorporate green practices into their projects.

Enterprise has also developed a rigorous tool for data collection. Each of the projects receiving assistance through Green Communities is expected to provide information on construction costs for the green systems and materials and utility bill information for several years of operation. When significant amounts of this data are collected and analyzed, the true costs and benefits of green affordable housing will be well documented. This type of thorough and consistent data will be essential in furthering public support at the local, state, and federal levels and the private practices of commercial banks to provide greater support for green projects.

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