Building Renovation Waste Management

Scrap and debris from construction and demolition (C&D) work—including maintenance and rehabilitation projects—makes up approximately 30 percent of the waste stream that is dumped into landfills. The majority of construction waste is recyclable, including cardboard, drywall, paint, carpet, scrap metal, wood and pallets, plate glass, landscape trimmings, asphalt and concrete, rocks and dirt, bricks and tiles, rubber scrap, roofing, appliances, and electronics. Many types of building materials are also accepted by salvage yards. Examples of reusable building materials include furniture, flooring, electrical equipment, ducts, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, doors, and windows. Some areas also have materials exchange programs; these sometimes feature online databases where you can post items or find items for free. Diverting this waste through salvage, donation, or recycling programs saves tipping fees and landfill space and provides feedstock for industries that are creating recy-cled-content materials.

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