Global Green would first like to extend deep thanks to Warren Karlenzig for his valuable contributions as author of the original version of this publication, as well as Lynn Simon, David Roodman, and all the other contributors to that edition.

We would also like to recognize the many contributions of Global Green's dedicated staff, past and present, who have helped develop the Greening Affordable Housing Initiative and the concepts and information included in this book: Mary Luevano, Matt Petersen, Walker Wells, Ted Bardacke, Pamela Cepe, Max Wolf, Glen Boldt, Adam Greenfield, Melissa Susman, Alex Pugh, and Denise Lofman; as well as architects Bruce Hampton, Fred Pollack, and Bill Roschen, who have all been sources of support, encouragement, and expertise throughout the years. We also thank the staff of A Community of Friends, Community HousingWorks, First Community Housing, Jamboree Housing, Los Angeles Community Design Center, Mercy Housing California, and South County Housing from whom we have gained so much knowledge and expertise over the years, and Jeanne Peterson and Bill Pavao for their help in shaping the criteria governing the distribution of low-income housing tax credits in California.

Our thanks also go to the many people who provided valuable information, insights, and images for the twelve case studies presented in this book.

We are much indebted to our peer reviewers for giving us their time, expertise, and valuable suggestions: Dana Bourland, Enterprise Community Partners; Angie Brooks, Pugh + Scarpa Architecture; Carlton Brown, Full Spectrum NY; Ed Connelly, New Ecology, Inc.; Cathy Craig, LISC; Bill Edgerton, The Oak Hill Fund; Bert Gregory, Mithun; Bruce M. Hampton, Elton+Hampton Architects; Betsy Hands, homeWORD; Julia Lynch, Full Spectrum NY; Greg Maher, LISC; Janis Mamayek, Icon Architecture; Brandon Mitchell, Full Spectrum NY; Emily Mitchell, U.S. Green Building Council; Rosalba Navarro, Mercy Housing; Brian Ng, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Jeff Oberdorfer, First Community Housing; Fred Pollack, Van Meter Williams Pollack; Darren Port, State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs; Joanne Quinn, Office of Housing City of Seattle; Rob Rich; Jonathan F. P. Rose, Jonathan Rose Companies; Jennifer Somers, LISC; and Fred Wacker, The Home Depot Foundation.

Our special thanks go to Heather Boyer of Island Press, and to Lisa McManigal Delaney, for helping us to stay focused and to put all the pieces of this broad-reaching book together!

Finally, we wish to thank The Home Depot Foundation and the United Technologies Corporation Sustainable City Program for their support of the Blueprint, as well as the many supporters, past and present, of the Greening Affordable Housing Initiative.

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