Saving Energy

Photo courtesy of Eemax, Inc.

drinks for freshness and safety. The contents of your refrigerator have to be kept cool to avoid spoiling, while the contents of your water heater do not. When you need hot water, it doesn't matter whether it was heated last week or just a minute ago.

Viewed another way, the practice of keeping a tank full of hot water makes little sense. You may run the hot water for an hour a day to shower, bathe, wash hands, and wash dishes. On laundry day, you use more hot water, but still only a few hours out of the day. Yet the tank on your water heater consumes energy 24 hours a day, just to be ready for the few hours of supply you actually use.

By operating only when it's needed, a tankless water heater saves all the energy that is otherwise consumed keeping a reserve supply warm. That can be as much as half of the energy a water heater uses. Tankless water heaters also make more efficient use of fuel.

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