Workers Love Virtual Work Options

1. No commute to work means that the workday is shorter. Time spent driving to and from work now belongs to the employee. Let it snow! No commute means you do not need to drive through it.

2. Employees save on fuel and reduce wear and tear on their vehicles. They find more money in their pockets and vehicles require less frequent visits to the service center.

3. Work is less stressful if you are wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers instead of being stuffed into a too-snug business suit that used to fit. Some business attire is a daily expense, such as men wearing starched shirts with the business suits or clothes that must be dry cleaned.

4. Think of all of the reasons workers need to leave work early. When working virtually, they do not need to take off to wait for a repairperson. They are already home. The same holds true for staying home if they feel slightly ill or need to be with an ill family member.

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Managing Your Money At All Ages

Managing Your Money At All Ages

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