System Considerations

When reviewing document capture options, consider the following:

▲ How many paper documents do you receive in a day?

▲ How many electronic documents are created each day?

▲ Does the condition of the documents allow them to be scanned using an automatic document feeder? Older or worn documents may have to be scanned by hand on a flatbed scanner.

▲ What size documents need to be scanned? Larger documents, such as blueprints or architectural drawings, may require a large flatbed device.

▲ Can the system be administered from a central location? Centralized administration can lessen the burden on the help desk by reducing configuration errors caused by users in remote locations.

▲ How well does the system scale? As your needs change and increase, will the system be able to handle future volumes?

▲ Does the system support batch processing of documents? Batch input of documents is important when source documents arrive in batches.

Most organizations will want to consider using a scanner with an automatic document feeder. This allows a stack of documents to be scanned at one time rather than having to place each page by hand on a flatbed scanner. The most important consideration is that the scanner be able to handle the size and condition of the majority of paper documents to be scanned by the organization.

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