Plan For Implementation

Implementing a document management solution is similar to any other IT project. An internal project leader must be assigned to see the project through to completion. The project leader will also be responsible for managing the activities of any outside vendors used, especially the selected document management solution vendor. Planning is critical for the success of the project and should include the following:

▲ Organize the project team: The team should include representatives from the user community as well as IT.

▲ Develop a detailed work plan: Break the project down into manageable phases with clear deliverables at the end of each phase.

▲ Hold regular status meetings: Review project progress on a regular basis.

▲ Develop a communication plan: Be sure to keep all important stakeholders informed of progress, as well as any issues that come up.

▲ Develop a support plan: The long-term success of the project will depend on the quality and level of support available to users. The plan should include service level agreements and how issues are to be handled.

End-user training is critical for the success of a document management solution. Training should be performed on-site if possible so that the users' training experience is as close to what they will experience on the job as possible. Make sure that all end-users understand the following:

▲ What are the scanning procedures?

▲ How are documents retrieved?

▲ How is tech support supplied?

▲ What follow up training is available?

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