Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

tant workers could be working at a half pace or less and still receive full pay.

▲ Communications with coworkers becomes more difficult since the nonverbal dimension of communications is not present. How people stand, the looks on their faces, and their gestures all help us better understand what they are trying to communicate.

▲ Individuals may short cut purchasing the necessary equipment and services for their home office, which may result in lower productivity because of inadequate tools.

▲ Virtual workers have a difficult time contacting team members in the office. This can bring productivity to a halt. Everyone has worked with someone who never answers the telephone or e-mails. In the office, you can drop by this person's desk to get the answers that you need. This is hard to do if you are in different physical locations.

▲ One of a supervisor's responsibilities is to cultivate company loyalty. This reduces the expense and reduced productivity of training new people. Companies have hard times, just as workers do. Loyalty keeps the teams together until the problem has passed.

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