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Measuring the energy used in a data center is easier than the desktop approach, as everything is sitting in one place. In contrast, desktop units and printers tend to move around as they are repaired and relocated for temporary projects and other purposes.

To gauge the energy usage of a data center, inventory all of the equipment in it. Then look up the energy rating for each model and variation on the manufacturer's Web site. Because servers may have varying amounts of RAM, select a "typical" unit. Web sites generally do not provide energy usage to the individual upgrade. Equipment to list includes:

▲ Storage area networks

▲ Large data center printers

▲ Other large devices

Unlike desktop units, data center equipment tends to run around the clock every day of the year. This makes calculating energy usage easy. It is 8,760 hours (in a year) multiplied by the hourly electricity usage multiplied by the number of years of its useful life. This can be doubled to estimate the energy used for cooling. The energy used by the air handling equipment can be estimated using the manufacturer's power rating.

Energy savings in the data center can be significant, but it requires careful planning. It involves the purchase of energy-efficient equipment and an understanding of workloads for those servers that are only needed dur ing certain hours and can be moved to a "sleep" state. Equipment maintained in climate-controlled spaces is unlikely to fail if its service is extended for an additional two years.

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