Maryland Statewide Computer Recycling Pilot Program

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The "Statewide Computer Recycling Pilot Program" enacted in Maryland in 2005 is designed to encourage computer manufacturers to establish takeback programs to collect and recycle, refurbish, or reuse end-of-life computers. It applies to any computer manufacturer that sells more than 1,000 computers a year in the state. Manufacturers are charged an initial $5,000 registration fee to sell computers in Maryland. Manufacturers that establish such recovery programs are required to pay a $500 annual fee after the initial $5,000 registration. The fees are distributed to local governments to support local e-waste collection efforts. In addition, the law requires the Maryland Department of the Environment to study and compare the impact of cathode-ray tube disposal and to review the effectiveness of the computer recycling pilot program. The law is scheduled to expire at the end of 2010.


Massachusetts in April of 2000 became the first state to ban the disposal of CRT displays, mostly because of their high lead content. The law, enforced by the state's Department of Environmental Protection, prohibits the disposal of CRTs in landfills in the state and bans them from waste com-bustors. The law exempts intact CRTs from hazardous waste regulations to encourage reuse and recycling and works to develop CRT recycling as a viable business by issuing grants and loans. The state also established regional collections centers to feed two statewide processing companies that were awarded contracts to process CRTs. States surrounding Massachusetts have since piggy-backed onto Massachusetts' program by contracting with these same processors.

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