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IBM has been working on being green since it issued its first corporate policy on environmental affairs in 1971. IBM heavily focuses on reducing emissions, as the corporation feels that climate change is one of the most critical global environmental challenges facing the planet. IBM's strategy for reducing emissions centers on conserving energy, reducing PFC emissions, using renewable energy, supporting alternate employee commute options, and increasing the efficiency of the company's logistics. Management also tries to develop energy efficient products and provide diverse solutions for energy efficient data centers. The company also collaborates with clients and others on innovations that help protect the climate.


IBM's Web site details what the company has achieved in energy conservation: "From 1990-2007, IBM avoided nearly 3.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, equal to 45 percent of the company's 1990 global CO2 emissions, and saved over $310 million through its annual energy conservation actions."

IBM, like Apple, tries to encourage its employees to reduce emissions by offering alternatives to normal commutes. IBM has been running a work-at-home program and a mobile employees program for nearly two decades. The company reports that more than 100,000 employees participate in these programs. Also, many of its locations provide support for the use of public transit systems, including shuttles from locations to mass transit stations and alternate transportation or "loaner" cars for business trips during the workday.

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