Environmental Outreach

IBM has also done a significant amount of environmental outreach, trying to help other companies become and stay green. IBM has partnered with several governmental and nongovernmental organizations focused on the environment, such as the U.S. EPAs ENERGY STAR, Climate Leaders and Green Power Partnership programs, the World Wildlife Fund's Climate Savers Program, The Green Grid, and The Climate Group.

IBM is also careful in choosing its suppliers by only doing business with suppliers that also try to be green. In 1972, IBM started evaluating suppliers of hazardous waste services, and in 1980, management started evaluating production related suppliers. In 1991, the company did even more, expanding its environmental evaluations of suppliers by adding a requirement that its product recycling and product disposal suppliers be evaluated. The main reason for pushing these evaluations was to ensure that IBM was not inadvertently funding companies that did not take environmental protection seriously. IBM also joined the U.S. EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership, an initiative to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions associated with logistics. Last year, 85% of its shipping in the United States, Canada, and Mexico was done with SmartWay carriers.

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