Document Management

IT CAN have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paper an organization uses. While we are still not yet ready to eliminate the use of paper, available document management solutions take a big step in that direction. An effective document management system will not only reduce the number of trees killed to support your business, but will also help you meet legal requirements, such as those stipulated in Sarbanes/ Oxley and HIPPA, and support your disaster recovery plan.

Among the many advantages to storing and working with an electronic document versus using a printed piece of paper are:

▲ No trees are killed in the production of an electronic document.

▲ The document can be accessed by more than one person at a time without the need to physically make copies.

▲ Back-ups of the document are easy to create and retrieve if needed.

▲ Electronic documents cannot be easily lost by placing them in the wrong file.

▲ They can be found using computerized search technologies.

▲ They be processed by a workflow system and quickly routed to the appropriate person.

▲ Versioning of the document is much easier than when using paper.

▲ Electronic documents are much cheaper to store than paper.

Document management systems come in many different flavors, but all are used to capture, store, manage, and print documents. These documents can originate physically on paper or can be created using document creation software, such as Microsoft Office. This can also include the storage of paper or microfiche in file cabinets, as well as the storing of documents in electronic formats on a computer system.

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