Document Access

A well-designed document management system allows access to the right information stored in the right document by the right person at the right time. The system should support the following processing for getting documents into user's hands:

▲ Easy to use search, and quick access to documents.

▲ Access documents using a Web browser on the organization's Intranet or via the public Internet.

▲ Support for common printers and fax systems.

▲ Ability to easily create CDs and DVDs for archival or delivery of large volumes of documents that might be too much for other methods, such as e-mail.

▲ Interface with popular e-mail systems as e-mail has become the most common form of communication. E-mail also makes it possible to distribute documents widely at a very low cost.

▲ Portable folders that allow users to synchronize important documents between their laptops and the document management system. This allows users access to documents on their laptops when they are not connected to the system.

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