Creating a Home Work Area

IT professionals who are working from home requires a dedicated space similar in size and equipment to an office. Before trying to work from home, ensure that there is an adequate dedicated area for spreading out papers around a computer and printer. Home offices should be as Green as the primary work place. Used toner and inkjet cartridges, used equipment, and used paper should all be properly recycled.

Look around an office and you will see cubicles that are approximately 36 square feet in area (even if it doesn't feel that large).There is a flat surface for a personal computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. There is also a telephone; a writing surface; shelves to hold reference materials, and file drawers for storing documents. To work as effectively at home as you do in the office, you will need at a minimum the same arrangement in your house.

The work area must be in a quiet area of the house where everything can be left out all of the time. A spare bedroom is ideal. It provides a door to keep noise out and to keep curious children away from stacks of paper. To the extent possible, ensure that the other sounds common in a home, such as barking dogs and chiming clocks, are not heard during telephone calls.

A shelf of reference materials is important. There isn't anyone over the cubicle wall available for a quick chat. Although team members may be available on-line for quick questions, keeping a set of company policies, work process documentation, and other information on hand will make life easier.

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