Michael dedicates this book to his teacher and mentor, George Jenkins, whose encouragement and support have been invaluable over the years, and to his wife and best friend, Tami, for all her support during his many projects.

This book was made possible by the support of many different people, who all do their part to make the world a better place and who gave generously of their time to help make this a better book. The authors would like to thank Robert Houghton, President of Redemtech for sharing his insights into the business of IT asset disposal; Carey Sullivan from American Electrical Power (AEP), who explained a power company's role in Green IT. She also tapped the knowledge of the AEP Green Team (Kevin E. Walker, Eric Chorey, Kathy Stolte-Sawa, Patrick J. Collins, Christina Faust, Derek Myers, and Keith Meyers); Jim Puckett of the Basel Action Network for educating us on the issue of e-waste recycling overseas and for allowing us to reprint pictures showing the damage that it can cause; Rick Gideon, VP of Systems Operations at Ecommerce for sharing some innovative techniques for managing a data center; Mike Hogan of Fahlgren Mortine for making connections for us; Cheryl Plak and Jason Gloeckner of Emerson Corporation for sharing with us the latest in data center energy management, and Kevin Palmer for his insights on virtualization.

We would also like to thank Ronald Gooch of the Ohio National Guard, who explained to us the importance of leadership in the process of gaining individual compliance; Warren Chen from Seasonic, Inc. for his detailed explanation of the power supply industry; Marina Zeigler for her assistance in providing information about Antec power supplies; Larry's son Fred who applied his electrical engineering expertise toward explaining the

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