1 Political Ecology and the Yield Transformation 3

2 Wheat, People, and Plant Breeding 19

3 Wheat Breeding: Coalescence of a Modern Science, 1900-1959 42

4 Plant Breeding in Its Institutional and Political Economic Setting,

1900-1940 75

5 The Rockefeller Foundation in Mexico: The New International Politics of Plant Breeding, 1941-1945 102

6 Hunger, Overpopulation, and National Security: A New Strategic Theory for Plant Breeding, 1945-1956 118

7 Wheat Breeding and the Exercise of American Power, 1940-1970 140

8 Wheat Breeding and the Consolidation of Indian Autonomy, 1940-1970 157

9 Wheat Breeding and the Reconstruction of Postimperial Britain,

1935-1954 187

10 Science and the Green Revolution, 1945-1975 210 Epilogue 256 Notes 269 Index 325

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