Why Does The World Stay Green

Nutrition and survival of plant-eaters

TCR White



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National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry White, T. C. R. (Thomas C. R.).

Why does the world stay green? : nutrition and survival of plant-eaters.

Bibliography. Includes index. ISBN 0 643 09158 0.

1. Population biology. 2. Animal-plant relationships. 3. Nitrogen in animal nutrition. I. Title.


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This book arose from a series of talks written for Robyn William's 'Occam's Razor' program on ABC Radio National. Only one was broadcast, but my wife said that they provided the nucleus for a natural history book, and kept encouraging me to write it. She also helped with discussion and editing of early drafts, and with proofreading. Many colleagues lent me photographs to illustrate the book; unfortunately, not all of these could be used but I thank them all for their generosity. Finally, my thanks to Ted Hamilton, for his enthusiastic support, and to Anne Findlay, for gentle but beneficial editing.

So here it is, for you, Jan, my Lovely Lady.

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