Recycling Programs

As you saw in Table 9-1, HP's recycling efforts go back to 1971. Though the company started with recycling computer printouts, over the years its efforts have evolved to include inkjet cartridges, computers, and most other devices. Programs are geared at customers and businesses, and they give several options for customers who want to get rid of old equipment.

Since 1987 the company has been recycling technology products and currently offers recycling services in 45 countries.

HP uses company-approved recycling vendors to handle product that cannot be reused. Recyclers dismantle equipment and process materials to extract as much value as possible.

NOTE In Europe, HP was key in the creation of the European Recycling Platform and Nordic Electronics Recycling Association. This helped the company comply with European Union producer responsibility recycling legislation.

Recycling vendors must meet HP's supplier code of conduct and global recycling standards. These standards require vendors to handle and process equipment so that toxins are not released into the environment. It also prohibits the export of whole equipment or recovered materials without the company's consent.

NOTE HP monitors compliance through site audits.

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