Quantitative Reviews

Quantitative reviews are the meat and potatoes of data review. This involves looking at the numbers and figuring out what they mean based on the data available. You can look at such details as the following:

• Usage profiles Look for consumption peaks and valleys, and figure out how they relate to your overall operations.

• Performance comparisons Use the data to compare two similar facilities in your organization. For instance, if you have branches in Spokane, Washington and Albany, New York, how do the same facilities in these branches stack up against each other?

• High costs Look at the data to see where you are spending a lot of money on energy use.

• What's missing Look for any areas where you feel like you need more information, and then start collecting it.

Effectiveness of power reduction program

Quantitative reviews are based on measured data.

Effectiveness of power reduction program

Qualitative reviews are based on interviews or other subjective sources of information.

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