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The protagonist in the classic children's fable "Chicken Little" would annoy his fellow chickens by constantly insisting that "the sky is falling," when it never was. It was the same sort of deal with the Shepherd Boy in "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." It all ended badly for Chicken Little and the Shepherd Boy, and we run the risk of a similar scenario playing itself out where green computing is concerned.

We've heard so much about global warming; we've heard so much about being eco-friendly; we've seen so many "Think Globally, Act Locally" bumper stickers on VW vans; and Al Gore can't keep himself from talking about the environment. Put simply, we get bombarded by the message so much that it's easy to ignore. But the truth of the matter is that if we don't heed the warnings, the sky will fall and we'll be praying for wolves to eat us.

Being green means different things to different people. Ask ten Chief Information Officers (ClOs) what "being green" means, and you'll get ten different answers. A lot of it depends on what ClOs are particularly interested in. For some, it might mean buying technology that's more energy efficient than what they have. Another might suggest that it's an issue of reducing the amount of electricity a datacenter consumes. For others, it means buying hardware that is made of environmentally friendly components. Yet others might look at the end of hardware life and suggest that Green IT means proper disposal.

Who's right? They all are. Green IT is a combination of all these issues. To be sure, if you make it your mission to tackle just one of these issues, you're doing a good thing for both your organization and the environment. But the more of these issues you go after, the better. Green IT is a complex subject, and it might be tough to decide how to tackle the greening of your organization's IT interests. The global green mantra is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." No matter what we do, if we can just keep these ideas at the front of our minds in all our Green IT decisions, we'll be in good shape. But the best advice is to just get started.

Get Work With Federal Governement

Get Work With Federal Governement

There is no larger employer in the world than the United States Government. Positions are available on a near regular basis, despite recent cutbacks. Not only are there opportunities domestically, but employment outside the United States is a possibility on military bases, overseas embassies and various departments of defense and state agencies.

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