Floor Vent Tiles

Vented floor tiles don't just look cool, they're designed to facilitate airflow. In many datacenters, however, vented tiles are either incorrectly placed or an insufficient or excessive number of vented tiles are installed.

If you use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)—an analysis of airflow patterns—in your datacenter, you can optimize datacenter cool-airflow. This allows you to fine-tune the center's cooling by placing vented floor tiles in their optimal locations. Some vendors will even help you with CFD. By simply fine-tuning tile locations, some datacenters have achieved a 25 percent reduction in cooling costs.


Datacenter design and redesign involves a lot of components. For instance, a seemingly small task such as the placement of vented floor tiles can lead to big savings. However, the biggest thing you can do to optimize your datacenter is to design with rightsizing in mind. That simply means building for what you need.

Rightsizing has the most impact on your datacenter's power consumption. Fixed losses in your power and cooling systems are present whether or not you have a datacenter in place. Organizations that have light IT loads might not even see an impact by its IT department. However, as the IT load gets larger, organizations will see power and cooling

By rightsizing, you design with the exact amount of equipment you need -not more than you need.

NOTE We talk about consolidation later in this chapter and show you how to do it in Chapter 12.

When you redesign with rightsizing in mind, you must also be cognizant of the fact you will need additional capacity in the years to come. However, if you spend the time and money you need to predict the datacenter power and cooling load, it will pay for itself in both reduced capital and operational expense.

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