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But a word of caution to academics; your work is not green because you choose to call it green and publish it in Green Chemistry! Improving a yield, eliminating a toxic reagent, increasing a selectivity, are all admirable, but do not (in themselves) constitute green chemistry, just a green attitude. The term green chemistry has to be applied to a total process, not to an individual step, and involves commercialization. In other words, it is the result of the efforts of a large number of people with disparate skills, including chemists, economists, engineers, material scientists, industrialists, academics, and lawyers. If it is just a reaction reported in a paper, it may one day contribute toward a green process, but it is not green chemistry per se. To be truly green, it has to be used; otherwise, it is just a pipedream—a lonely paper with three citations, and a green flight of fancy!

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