This chapter describes some aspects of the reactivity of POMs as catalysts for the selective oxidation of isobutane to methacrylic acid. If developed at the industrial level, this reaction could represent an alternative to the current production method via the ACH route. P/Mo Keggin-type POMs are active and selective catalysts for this reaction.

The following considerations are relevant:

1. The catalytic performance depends a great deal on the reaction conditions, and specifically on the isobutane-to-oxygen ratio in the feed. Usually isobutane-rich conditions are claimed to be more selective, and the reason for this is that under these conditions the operative POM is a partially reduced one, and a more reduced POM is intrinsically more selective than a fully oxidized one. High isobutane partial pressures help to improve the selectivity, avoiding further oxidation of methacrylic acid.

2. The presence of transition metal ions as cations for the Keggin polyanion is necessary in order to develop an active and selective catalyst.

Future perspectives in this field, and opportunities for the commercialization of the process of isobutane oxidation, depend on the development of more active and stable POMs-based catalysts.


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