The General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade (GATT), which was initiated in 1947, was the predecessor to the WTO. The WTO is an international trade agreement that was ratified by members of the GATT in 1995 and now boasts a membership of over 130 countries. Both agreements created trade liberalization among their members. Although many of the trade agreements made through the WTO allow its members to influence the environmental regulatory practices of their trading partners, the WTO contains no enforcement measures or legal mechanisms for even the most powerful countries to affect the environmental regulatory standards of other signatories [25]. This lack of enforcement of environmental quality standards is of concern to academics and activists alike.

Negotiating Essentials

Negotiating Essentials

Always wanted to get a better deal but didn't have the needed negotiation skills? Here are some of the best negotiation theories. The ability to negotiate is a skill which everyone should have. With the ability to negotiate you can take charge of your life, your finances and your destiny. If you feel that others are simply born with the skill to negotiate, you should know that everyone can learn this wonderful skill.

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