US Environmental Regulation Introduction

Along with diplomatic, economic, health, and social issues, many in the U.S. view the condition of our environment as a primary concern. Stories of local, regional, national, and global impacts of human activity, including the contamination of our food and water supplies, degradation of our air and soil, and the increased prevalence of environmentally influenced diseases, such as asthma, are in the

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news daily. Despite a long history of regulation in the U.S., including federal air and water legislation, environmental problems persist. These affect the quality of life of our citizens and drain money from our national coffers. The U.S. Congress found that, "The United States of America annually produces millions of tons of pollution and spends tens of billions of dollars per year controlling this pollution." Despite this reality, we know relatively little about how and why pollution prevention initiatives work. To begin to bridge that knowledge gap, this chapter surveys the history of regulation, including significant legal and intellectual milestones and their impact on regulation, and follows with a review of current approaches to pollution prevention.

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