Russia's first national air protection policies began in 1980 with the adoption of the Law of Air Protection Act [1]. This was after they had signed the Convention on Long Range Transborder Air Pollution (CLRTAP). CLRTAP is the first regime in the region to address the problem on transborder air pollution. The Law of Air Protection Act was primarily designed for the reduction of transborder air pollution rather than for the protection of air within its own borders. Currently, domestic air protection policies in Russia have placed a major emphasis on emissions from mobile sources.

Russia's involvement in 1979 in CLRTAP and the passage of the Law of Air Protection Act was designed to satisfy external political concerns rather than to change domestic environmental conditions. Ironically, Russia was a net importer when it entered into the Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution agreement with the majority of transborder air pollution entering its country from Poland, East and West Germany, Finland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary [1]. Russia also imports more heavy metals from Europe than it exports [10]. Nickel smelters on the Kola Peninsula are the exception; however, these emissions are causing significant transborder air pollution in Scandinavia [1].

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