In the past few decades, worldwide social, political, legal, ethical, cultural and technological forces have led to a globalization movement. Indeed, many efforts have been made in globalizing various economic areas, including global environmental protection, world trade agreements, global sustainable development, etc. However, there are many debates on globalization and its effects on the environment and/or sustainable economic growth around the globe. Some argue that globalization protects the global environment from environmental degradation and promotes sustainable economic growth in the world, especially in developing countries. But some others, particularly those in developing countries, believe that globalization is a threat to economic growth and sustainable development. This handbook will address these major issues: globalization, development, and the environment. We hope that the book will enrich this debate.

Khi V. Thai Dianne Rahm Jerrell D. Coggburn

Negotiating Essentials

Negotiating Essentials

Always wanted to get a better deal but didn't have the needed negotiation skills? Here are some of the best negotiation theories. The ability to negotiate is a skill which everyone should have. With the ability to negotiate you can take charge of your life, your finances and your destiny. If you feel that others are simply born with the skill to negotiate, you should know that everyone can learn this wonderful skill.

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